I'm George Alberto.

I like to help users find delight in the products they use. Typically this involves uncovering insights from research and data analytics, moving ideas into wireframes and then detailed designs, and collaborating closely with strategy, product & engineering teams when working on larger projects.
Crafting immersive experiences that tell lasting brand stories across multiple touch-points- I also advocate for web/mobile accessibility as well. Thus, i'm essentially a pixel-pusher with a purpose. ;p
I like to stay a conceptual, creative thinker. And thus, i like to keep myself inspired. I make it happen by experiencing my passions in life: design, fashion, music and travel, in large quantities whenever possible!

My Career so far

My varied and versatile career path has allowed me to gain a wide and varied set of skills in various design disciplines and on varied platforms.

Graphic Design
UX Design
UI Design
UX Research
Store Design

Selected articles

Please check out my recent UX articles!


Best Packaging Design
HOW CONFERENCE 2009: Design Challenge
GLOBALSHOP DESIGN: Best Booth Graphics

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